Dark Teeth (External & Internal Stain)

There are two factors causing tooth discoloration—internal and external.

Smoking and drinking of dark beverages can result in food colors being adsorbed onto the tooth surfaces. This can cause significant discoloration of teeth. We can treat this by using dental pumice to remove the stain, and then prophylaxis paste to smoothen the tooth surfaces. This can also be treated by Prophyjet – utilizing air to spray a mixture of fine baking soda powder and water onto the surfaces of teeth to remove stains.

In this scenario, teeth appear to be greyish-black in color. Tooth decay is one of the many reasons for this condition. Our dentist treats this by removing the tooth decay, and then putting on a filling.


At Smilecare, we don’t just offer dental treatments. We handcraft solutions at our dental lab – we call it the smile studio. Whether you have a pressing dental emergency or just need a tooth cleaning, trust us to get that picture perfect smile.

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