Taking care of your teeth will be more difficult once you get braces. Braces, wires, springs, rubber bands, and other appliances can attract food and plaque, which can stain teeth if not brushed away. You should ideally brush after every meal with fluoride toothpaste and carefully remove any food that could be stuck in the braces.

Brushing Tips with Braces

Begin brushing teeth by using a regular soft toothbrush. Brush down from the top and then up from the bottom on each tooth with braces. Next, brush your teeth with a proxabrush or “Christmas tree” brush. This brush is specially designed for cleaning between two braces. Insert the brush down from the top and then up from the bottom between two braces. Use several strokes in each direction before moving on to the next space between two braces. Repeat the procedure until all teeth have been cleaned.

Caring for Retainers

Every time you brush your teeth, brush your retainer as well, not with toothpaste but with liquid soap. At least once a week, disinfect the retainer by soaking it in a denture cleanser. Add the cleanser to a cup full of warm – but never hot – water. Thoroughly rinse the retainer with plain water before placing it back in your mouth.


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